Maisarah Loo -san

Maisarah Loo - san

MAISARAH LOO’s renderings of Nyonya women from her native Malaysia are vibrant and full colors. Stylistically influenced from her artistic training in Europe, the theme of her artworks, however stem from a place deeply rooted in South East Asian culture and history, with numerous symbolic and cultural references creating the unique Baba-Nyonya identity.

Maysarah Loo has exhibited her art works in several exhibition in Malaysia and Singapore.

  • The Artists Art Fair Malaysia 2015 at Stadium Chinwoo, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 2015
  • The Local Artist Exhibition at Karyaneka Cultural Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 2015
  • The Afternoon of Attainable Art at Kita Art Cafe Kuala Lumpur – 2015
  • Jetquay Lounge, Chanai Airport, Singapore – 2016
  • International Women’s Day, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Putrajaya, Malaysia – 2018

Maisarah Loo also had several Solo Exhibitions

  • Pullman Hotel Lakeside, Putrajaya, malaysia – 2015
  • Fullerton Hotel, Singapore – 2016
  • M-Suites Hotel, Johor bahru, malaysia – 2016
  • Katia verde Art Gallery, Singapore – 2017
  • Melaka Museum & Art Gallery (Muzium & Ball Senso Lukas, melaka ) , Malaysia – 2018

Captivating Nyonya series

Maisarah Loo